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ESL Teachers: Get Free Eco-Themed Lesson Plans

John Platt, June 10, 2014

Whether you're teaching English as a second language or any other class, these eco-themed lesson plans offer lessons for every student.

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Are E-books Greener Than Paper Books?

John Platt, December 05, 2013

For people who love their Kindles, there's no other choice when it comes to reading books. But for the rest of us, is it time to make the switch to e-reading, or do paper books still hold the green advantage?

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Project WILD Offers Conservation and Environmental Education Programs

John Platt, April 17, 2013

Students from K through 12 can learn about environmental issues with resources from Project WILD.

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Save the Frogs Offers Free Slideshows for Teachers

John Platt, March 26, 2013

Looking for a bright and colorful way to teach your students about frogs and the environmental issues that threaten amphibians?

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Kids, Enter the 2013 Endangered Species Art Contest

January 24, 2013

Help call attention to the plight of the plight of threatened animals by entering the 2012 Endangered Species Day Art Contest.

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Journey North: Free Program Teaches Kids About Migration

John Platt, February 02, 2012

Spring is just around the corner, and many species of birds, butterflies, and other species are about to start their long migrations.

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iPad App Teaches Kids to Save the Rainforest

John Platt, June 01, 2011

A new iPad game called Rainforest Survival Challenge can help teach kids how plants and animals survive, and what they can do to help.

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Comanche High School's Auto Tech Class Fuels Recycling

Loredana Vuoto, April 13, 2011

Comanche High School students are learning more than just about cars. They?re learning how to recycle to preserve the environment.

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Green Hands USA Offers Free K-12 Green Lesson Plans For Earth Day Week

Tim Smith, March 24, 2011

Green Hands USA has developed a series of high quality environmental lesson plans for teachers and their K-12 students.

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Kids, Enter the Endangered Species Art Contest

John Platt, March 04, 2011

Around the world, thousands of species are threatened with extinction. Now kids can help call attention to the plight of these creatures by participating in the 2011 Endangered Species Day Youth Art Contest.

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