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Breathe Less Pollution While Riding Your Bike

John Platt, March 29, 2016

Bicycling is just about the best exercise you can get. It's great cardio, it works your legs, and you're outdoors. What's not to love?

Oh yeah, all of that pollution you're breathing from the cars on the same roads. What's a lung-loving biker to do?

A Singapore-based company called Dream Lab One has a great solution: the Totobobo mask, which can reduce the amount of pollution you breathe while biking by a factor of 135. The masks don't fog, they keep your face cool, and they remove 94% of the particulates from the air. What's not to love?

Totoboto masks are just $25 each, while ten pairs of replacement filters are just $10. (The company has all kinds of deals on buying multiple masks or masks plus filters to save you on shipping.)

The masks can also be used by other hobbyists, such as artists and woodworkers, who need to protect themselves from fumes, chemicals, and particulates.

Totoboto masks are already being used all over the world. If you love both your lungs and your bike, give these great masks a try.

(Do you have other ideas to make your bike rides healthier? Share them in the comments!)

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