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Why Buy? It's Greener to Borrow

John Platt, January 03, 2017

The other day, I looked at the rake in my garage and wondered how long it had been since I had used it. Then I wondered, what other things do I own that only need once in a blue moon? What do I need once in a while that I could borrow from someone instead of buying it?

The creators of the NeighborGoods website had the same idea. The site lets neighbors borrow or lend out the extra items they own but which aren't getting used very often. Need a carpet shampooer for that spaghetti spill? Maybe someone down the street has one you can borrow or rent for a few bucks. Have a kayak you only use once a year? Maybe you can rent it to someone else in town for their once-in-a-lifetime river vacation.

NeighborGoods comes with all kinds of tools to help you search for the right item, and to keep track of items you have borrowed or lent out. You can evenset up groups for your apartment building, co-workers or church so you have more control over who borrows your stuff.

For every item that gets borrowed, NeighborGoods users are keeping a new item from being produced and sold, and getting more use out of items that are already in circulation. The more an item is used, the greener it is. If it keeps us all from buying rakes we never use, it's even more eco-friendly.

And in this economy, the chance to keep from spending -- or to make a little bit of money from things you already own -- is welcome wherever you can find it.

Give NeighborGoods a try and let us know what you think!

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