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University of Florida Offers Adopt-A-'Swamp' Program

John Platt, December 01, 2014

University of Florida students can help keep their campus clean, green and healthy with the school's Adopt-A-'Swamp' program.

Students don't actually adopt real swamps, but they do take responsibility for areas of the school's campus that need some stewardship. Teams will help keep areas clear of litter, remove invasive species, and perform other tasks to improve the ecology of the region they adopt.

UF has more than 900 buildings located amidst a range of ecologically sensitive conservation woods, streams and lakes. According to the UF Office of Sustainability, "these areas not only contribute to the ambiance of campus, but also support a wide range of biodiversity."

Jennilyn Thiboult, senior president of UF's GreenLaw (previously known as the Environmental and Land Use Law Society) told the Alligator that their group has adopted the Law School Woods near the Levin College of Law. "In general, we try to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors and not be stuck in the library all day," she told the paper.

The Office of Sustainability also offers a "Gators Guide to Sustainability Living" (pdf) with many other ways students can help to keep their campus green.

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