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How to Plan a Beach Cleanup

What's better than a day at the beach? Not much, in the eyes of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who flock to America's sandy shorelines every year. But most beach lovers would be surprised to see how much the beaches need our help to get as clean and beautiful as we've all come to expect when we head to the shore in summer.

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How to Plan a Litter Patrol

You know what it's like - you're on a lovely walk or a drive in your neighborhood when the scene is suddenly spoiled by the sight of soda cans on the ground, bits of paper flying in the breeze and plastic bags hanging from the trees. The problem will not go away by itself. Every day the average person walks or drives by 12,000 items of litter.

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How to Plan a Swap Meet

Swap meets are more than just large-scale, multi-family yard sales or flea markets. While drawing friends and neighbors together for shopping and socializing, they also send a great green message. What better way to implement the three R's -Reduce your carbon footprint by Recycling and Reusing your stuff.

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How to Plan a Tree Planting

You'd be amazed at the far-reaching benefits you reap - in health, the environment and even money-saving you can take to the bank -- by simply planting a tree. Whether you do it in your backyard, or your neighborhood park, at your school, library, church, synagogue, mosque or hospital, you and your community will enjoy the positive effects for generations to come.

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How to Adopt a Subway, Train or Bus Station Cleanup

We all know that riding public transportation is a good idea. It's fast, it's efficient, it allows you to steer clear of congested roads and highways, it saves money, and, of course, it's good for the environment. But the stations are not always a pretty sight - and that can make some people decide they may as well take the car.

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How to Plan a Campus Greenup

Let's face it, as far as most college students are concerned, the quality of life on campus is as important as the education the school has to offer. The way the campus looks - whether it's clean and green - can play as big a part in how students feel about campus life as the school's extra-curriculars, social life and athletics.

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How to Plan a Community Walk, Hike or Bike Ride

Nothing makes people feel better than completing a strenuous physical challenge - unless that challenge also has a worthy cause attached. By planning a walk, hike, race or bike ride to benefit an environmental cause, you can improve your own health and the health of our planet.

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