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Spread the Word, Keep Volunteers Informed and Launch!

Let the community know what you're planning -- with fliers and press releases -- as well as the help of Green Hands USA. The more volunteers the better.

Spread the Word

1. Send an Email to Friends and Family: Keep it simple -- just fill out the template flier we supply you on Green Hands (insert link to flier) and send it to everybody in your address book. Encourage them to pass it along to their friends, too.

2. Post Fliers in Key Spots: Just fill out our template flier and put it up on bulletin boards of schools, parks and religious institutions - don't forget local supermarkets and delis.

3. Don't want to waste paper? Fill out the flier template at Green Hands and send it to all of the above as an email attachment.

4. Contact businesses in your community: Many are happy to offer supplies and even encourage their employees to volunteer.

5. Prepare a Press Release -- Get Media Coverage

  • Check out the sample Press Release at Green Hands you can follow.

  • Send your press release to local newspapers, magazines, radio stations, web sites -- no less than two weeks in advance of the event.

  • Follow up with a phone call or a personal visit - press releases can get lost in
    the shuffle.

  • Take photographs of the event to be used for after-event media



1. Broadcast updates to volunteers. Use Green Hands to stay connected to all your volunteers.

2. Arrange for food, drink and celebration - keep it local and green: Assign several volunteers to bring food. Let people know where to buy recyclable cups and plates, and local food. See if neighborhood delis, supermarkets and restaurants will donate food.

3. Set Up Emergency Communication Plans: Bring walkie-talkies if there's no cell service in the area. Keep the numbers of area police and hospitals on hand.


1. Make Signs for Bathrooms: You want to keep everybody happy.

2. Prepare a Sign-In Sheet: Put one volunteer in charge of getting participants to sign in -- You'll need this info not only in case of emergencies, but also to contact participants to thank them - and to encourage them to come to the next event.

3. Supply Name Tags: It may seem a geeky touch, but it helps everybody get to know each other.


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National Green Volunteer Day

Plan Your Own Project

  1. Plan Your Event using one of our Event Guides
  2. Get All Necessary Permits
  3. Submit Your Event and recruit volunteers
  4. Spread The Word and Launch!

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