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National Green Volunteer Day

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Catherine Billon has spent 20 years devising and launching new businesses in media and entertainment companies such as Time Warner, Discovery Channel, Columbia Tri-Star, National Geographic Television and two Internet start-ups.  She founded Green Hands USA out of the desire to connect people, ideas, and information around a movement of positive social and environmental change. Although lately she's been focused on building Green Hands USA into the leading eco-friendly services provider, she hopes to get back to skiing in the mountains of Colorado some time in the distant future. She graduated from Brown University and Columbia Business School.


Rusty Coristine is an accomplished industry leader with 30 years experience in media, digital, mobile and entertainment. Rusty specializes in new product development for multi-media properties. His experience includes serving in senior executive positions at Time Warner, Six Flags Theme Parks, People Magazine and Niven-Coristine Entertainment (NCE), a partnership with film and television producer David Niven, Jr. NCE specialized in national fund-raising and public relations events for non-profit organizations, including UNICEF. His efforts helped produce the 50th Anniversary Show for UNICEF at the United Nations General Assembly.

Rusty has been involved in environmental issues for several years with "Save the Bay" in his native state, Rhode Island and was responsible for writing and passing the Narragansett Bay Oyster Restoration Act, legislation which helps restore the shellfish population and produce a cleaner saltwater ecosystem for Narragansett Bay.

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